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The advanced collision avoidance system.ais on the cheap

AIS is the acronym for “Automatic Identification System”.
A VHF radio based system used by commercial shipping since 2004.
AIS detects virtually any commercial shipping within a 400+ square Mile area surrounding your position and warns you of their presence.
The software we supply, sounds an alarm well in advance of when a collision is probable,
AIS also shows on screen the point of impact, the ships current GPS position, speed and course.
Knowing this information gives you plenty time to take action and avoid a collision.
AIS data are updated Automatically every few seconds
Every yacht can have access to this information.

"Stand-alone AIS transponder systems" are rather expensive.
Seeing you already have a VHF radio on your yacht, there is no point in duplication by buying a special receiver and antenna.
To receive AIS data, all you need is an additional rc-circuit added to your VHF radio and some software.
Then connect the VHF to your laptop for tracking and navigating in real time.

Get straight to the point.

If the following ever happened to you than you really need to think about getting AIS up and running:
** When was the last time you had a near miss with a commercial ship?
Or noticed one that came just a little too close for comfort?
** For many yachtsmen, it was their first encounter also, unfortunately for some their last.

Live AIS in Singapore

ais on the cheap
The above chart shows live shipping in Singapore.
Putting the mouse on one of the ships, shows their name, speed and course.
Double clicking brings up the ships details with photos.
To zoom in/out click on the + or -

(The chart is updated every 2 minutes or so, with data supplied by www.marinetraffic.com)
A.I.S. is a display system that shows every commercial ship within your VHF-radio range on an LCD screen.
These data can be overlaid on electronic charts for your area.
Each ship that registers on screen indicates its: GPS Position, speed, Course, name, destination, call-sign, cargo, MMSI registration, its size and more.
Vector lines show their track for approx. the last 30 minutes.
AIS is different than radar and shows information without clutter on screen.
The LCD display shows security information, like: The closest point of approach, time to closest point of approach and other navigation information.
It works irrespective, whether rain or shine... UNLIKE RADAR

AIS information was previously only available to Vessel Traffic Management Centers
It is now available for every yacht/ship.
When installed, you will have the ability to contact any ship on VHF by name, rather than by "Klingons off my Starboard Bow" or something similar.
The commercial version is a shipboard broadcast system that consists of a transponder, operating in the VHF marine band on the high side of duplex channels 87B and 88B.
The cost of these transponders is rather high and out of reach of most yachtsmen BUT you can receive the information they transmit, virtually for free.

If you have a laptop, a GPS and a VHF radio. Than you already have 99.9% of the hardware for AIS reception.......

Don't duplicate, just add a small circuit to your vhf.
ais on the cheap It is so simple, virtually anyone can do it.

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